How SEO Hosting Saved My Company

It almost goes without saying, but a lot goes into a company. When I first started out in the world, I thought itd all come down to having a great product and tying it in with solid service. And of course theres the element of having a real passion for ones work. I had all of those, and thought that would be a ticket to the big time. However, what I really hadnt considered is how much marketing plays into things. In retrospect, it makes sense. One cant sell when people dont know that youre out there. Even the best product in in the world wont make much impact if people arent aware of them. And thats when I became aware of SEO hosting.

slide3I already had a Website at that point. However, the site simply wasnt bringing in very many people. Again, this shows how important marketing can be. What made the difference for me is a SEO hosting service. The hosting service started by, basically, taking my existing site. I was able to smoothly transition the old site to the new with very little effort. However, this is when the real difference began to show itself. The SEO hosting came with a number of services provided by actual people and some automated tools.

All of these put together made me aware of the far larger digital world that sits around any site. In general, one can think of a site like a store front. Normally, its just sitting there with the world running around outside it. In general, the store wont even have a sign above it to say what its selling. SEO is the process of putting up a sign on the store to announce it to the world. It puts out the digital message to tell people what it is and what it can provide. Though to push past the metaphor, what its actually sending that message to is the entire planet. And the medium is search engines.

Because thats what SEO stands for, search engine optimization. While theres more to it, for the most part the heavy focus of SEO is talking to search engines. Because search engines really are the digital medium which carries a companys message these days.

Search engines have a general automated system to get an idea of what sites are out there. But its fairly primitive, and they dont go very far out of their way to evaluate them. SEO optimizes the process though, and conveys a lot of important information in a way that search engines care about. The SEO services are able to ensure that search engines really understand that a high quality site is worth putting above the competition.

And thats exactly what happened with my company. Instead of being lost in the digital wilderness, my site was suddenly highly ranked due to the SEO service. And because it was highly ranked, I received a huge increase in the amount of new visitors and customers. I dont think its exaggerating to say that finding hosting with a focus on SEO saved my company.